Saturday, October 17, 2009

Books, Movies, & A Fuzzy Little Spider

Today was the library's bi-annual book sale. 4 (reusable) bags of books, for only 5 dollars (I Paid double for the biggest bag, just cuz it seemed fair). I'm not sure how many books in all, but Kitten got her own bag of books, so at least Mommy & Baby (Even though she's NOT a baby, just ask, she'll tell you) are happy. Mohawk Man & Daddy, not so much. Oh, well. And I bought "30 Days of Night", a REAL vampire movie. Hmm, vampires who are pure evil with no redeeming qualities what-so-ever. Awesome. I miss monsters in my movies & my fiction. Now if I can just get a chance to watch it. Plus,(and this is only one of the reasons I love Halloween) I found the cutest little plush spider. Purple, big eyed, and oh, so cute!

Isn't she adorable? And, yes, it's mine. For now. Kitten may have other plans.


Henrietta said...

Very cute! I only found a few books, it was so crowded though I didn't try very hard!

homeschoolceo said...

I love library books sales, woo hoo!

Cute spider :D

Have a great day!