Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Manhattan Prophet

From the cover:
Set in the near future in New York City, The Manhattan Prophet picks up in a world where the doomsayers predictions have come true,where a limited nuclear exchange between the West and radical Islam has traumatized society and left civilization in a new Dark Age.

Salem Jones is the Manhattan Prophet, emerging from his life long imprisonment in Rikers Island Prison. His message is one of hope & faith for the survivors. Maria Primera is the beautiful, privileged journalist slated to be the first person to interview him. And Herbie Lipton is the surprising key to humanity's salvation.

This is, without a doubt, the best
new book I've read this summer. The story is one of spiritual redemption, rather than one of religious dictates. All of the main plot points are definitely well within the realms of possibility. Terrorists attacking with nuclear devices? Easily believable in this day & age. An over reaction in the Middle East which causes localized nuclear war? Yup. A mutated AIDS virus? Not really a stretch. Even Herbie's family history is completely believable, given the hippy culture of the sixties. Oh, yes, the story IS GOOD!

Now, let's talk about the writing. In a few places in this book, the author stumbles just a little & the writing goes a little down hill. However, over all I'd have to say the writing is very good. I like that the author wrote this book on the presupposition that the reader had access to a higher than fifth grade education. Details & back story are deftly woven in with the action. The author obviously understands the writers' adage "show, don't tell."

This book will stick in my head, and I will be rereading it soon.

The Manhattan Prophet is Jake Packard's first novel. For more information about the book & it's author, visit

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Henrietta said...

Great review post! This book sounds like a thought-provoking read and I will have to look into reading this book when I finish reading the 50 million to-reads currently on my shelf :)

Keep 'em coming, I love reading book reviews!