Friday, September 25, 2009

My Reader is Empty!!!

I've finally caught up. Read, emailed, or posted everything backed up in my reader. Woo Hoo me!
It was getting a little clogged because yesterday I spend three incredibly productive hours reading I Can Has Cheezburgers & Failblog. OK. Perhaps "productive" is a bit of a a stretch. Maybe "a complete waste of time but at least it was funny" would be a better description. Plus, Kitten really enjoys the LOL Cats. And on Wednesdsay I actually watched a movie. Oh, yeah. Doesn't happen very often. In fact, X-Men Origins was so good, I watched it twice. {And as an aside, in my personal opinion any movie with Hugh Jackman AND Liev Schrieber should be labeled "porn for women" and sold in a plain brown wrapper.}

1 comment:

Henrietta said...

Isn't I can haz cheezburgers so fun! I haven't looked there in ages. Anywho, I have some bloggy love for you :)