Friday, September 18, 2009

My First Award!!!

Thanks So Much to CC Chronicles for my first award for my other blog, Just Contest Stuff.

The Dragon's Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just a someone who follows and comments regularly.

Here are the rules:

* If you have a blog, post it on your blog with a link back to the site who gave it to you.

* Leave them a comment on their site, email, etc. to let them know.

* If you don't have a blog but have a website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other type account, post there with a link back.

* Pass this on to 3-10 loyal fans.

OK. So... I only have 8 followers as of this morning, so I'll be passing this along to each of them

Shelley at Book Fanatic
Carter at CC Chronicles (yup, I'm shootin' it back at ya!)
Rachy at ParaJunkee's View
Michelle at red headed book child
J Kaye at J. Kaye's Book Blog
Amanda at Amanda's Fun Stuff
Henrietta at A Hen's Nest
hayden392 (if anyone has any idea how to get in touch with hayden392, let me know?)

OK. Off to notify people of this beautiful award. Thanks again to CC Chronicles for not only giving me this award, but designing it as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You have really made my day! :) I'll get this posted on the weekend. Thanks!!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Thank you so much.
You really made my day and what a nice surprise from being sick.

Creative Chronicler said...

Thanks Pixie! I love how your picture almost looks like she's watching the dragon and maiden.

Thanks for the awesome blogs!

Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

Thank you so much! That was so thoughtful of you! I've been having problems with the award pics loading. They keep showing up with the dreaded X. I hope this one loads because I love that pic! Thanks again!

Melissa (My World) said...

Sorry, I have not been able to get on the computer for 3 days now. I am Hayden392, Melissa over at My World. ( I just am going through all the blogs tonight.

Thank You for this lovely award. I love the dragon. They are one of my favorite magical creatures, along with fairies, unicorns, oh...I could go on forever. I love this picture. Thank you! I am going to get through all my reads tonight then try to get all the posts up tomorrow.

金瓜米粉Jason said...
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