Thursday, March 18, 2010


While doing some Googling, I found that my home town of Mufreesboro NC changed the library from here:

{Historic Roberts-Vaughan House}

To here:

{Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library}

While I acknowledge that The Elizabeth S. Parker Memorial Library looks larger, especially as the Roberts-Vaughan House was only half-used as a library, but still. Bummer. I checked out my first Stephen King book from that library. My mother signed a paper stating I could check out any book I wanted. I was 11. I must have checked out thousands of books from the Roberts-Vaughan House. It was literally the best organized library I've ever been in. They had the fiction organized by genre. Cool. Libraries I have been in up North do not do that. :(
It's just kind of a bummer.
(I type House slightly sarcastically, as that is another aspect of it that has changed. It used to be the Roberts-Vaughan Center. )


Jessica said...

The Roberts-Vaaughn House is far, far more intriguing for a library. The location looks so much more inviting as well.
Too bad.

brandon and jakell said...

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