Friday, March 12, 2010

So Not Cool & Friday Follow

It was time to take the little rat, er, I mean dog out to do his nightly business when I see one of the feral cats that live in my neighborhood walking along the side of my house. I thought to myself, gee that's an ugly cat. Big, too.

This is what he looked like:

Yeah, I know. It's an opossum. I'm a genius sometimes. Luckily the wee dog was on his leash & we hadn't gone off the porch before I realized, not a cat.
So now I have an opossum under my house.
In case you're curious, opossums are not that afraid of people.
They do not have cuddly personalities.
Their diets are kinda gross.
He is going to have to go. Go back to whatever woodland Utopia he waddled away from to take up residence under my house. He can not stay.
Did I mention he was huge?
He has to go.

And now on to Friday Follow!

Friday Follow

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Have fun!

Oh, and do not fear for the incredibly large marsupial that has taken up residence under my residence. I don't believe in slaughtering animals merely because of their uncomfortable proximity to human habitation. If he doesn't mosey on down the road on his own, he'll be live-trapped & relocated to a place where he is less likely to be damaged or do damage.


SafeHomeHappyMom said...

Happy Friday Follow. I am your latest follower, you can also follow me at

See you around!

beadsandmorebylois said...

Hi happy Friday Follow! I am a new follower. Hope you have a great weekend. Lois x

Henrietta said...

Ick, I hate opossums, unfortunately the one that was trying to eat my chickens last week didn't fare so well, Chris had to put him down. I'm already a follower of course :)

JennyMac said...

ugh..they are not cute either. LOL.

Happy Friday Follow!

Tanya said...

Found you through FF. I'm now following your blog. Great to "meet" you!

Kelley said...

But he looks kinda cute....??

Hello from FF!
have a great weekend.

Freely Living Life said...

Happy Friday.

We are returning followers stopping by from FF!

Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment! :)

Callista said...

Eek! I've seen an opossum in real life only once. It was at a camp ground and I didn't see it for long.

Peppermint Patty said...

They are soooo gross! I hate them. Even their babies are ugly, scary and icky! Racoons are 2nd in line (rabies). :)

Friday follow!

Amanda T said...

Hey there! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow. Hope to see you around my blog sometime! And please feel free to check out one of my most current giveaways for 1 of 3 Xbox 360 games and for a 25$ walmart gift card.
Take Care.
-Amanda T

Oh and I used to have a 4eyed opossum, and if you get them from babies and they are hand raised then they can actually be reallly great pets :)