Friday, February 19, 2010

Ahh, Family

Sooo.....My brother calls me last night.
Brother: Can I ask you for a favor?
Me (rather warily): Um, what?
Brother: Can you watch the kids tomorrow? Please?
Me: For how long?
Brother: Overnight? I'll pay you $30.
Me: {after conversation with husband} OKaaaaay.
Brother gives proper thanks, tells me time of drop off/pick up. Says good-bye & I hang up the phone.

Fast forward to this evening. I am now in charge of 4 children under the age of ten & 1 surly teenager. 5 hours of settling disputes, distributing food & drink & making sure all sanitary procedures are followed after using the restroom, and I finally get to sit down. Are they asleep? No, only the teenager. But, hey, 10:00 PM is quiet time, guys.
By 10:30, the first 4 year old is finally asleep. An hour later Kitten finally gives up the fight & conks out. Now if I could just get the other 2 to accept reality. C'mon guys, it's almost midnight & auntie is tired!


Rita A. said...

I had to laugh at $30 bucks. Was it a bribe? I hope you spent it on pizza or movie rentals. Glad to have you part of the fun of Friday Follow. Rita @

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Sounds like you had an interesting evening with kids. I think I would have traded off, night for a night and passed on the $30. lol. Hope all turned out well and they all slept in for you.

Mama M. said...

Following from Follow Friday!! Hope you'll stop by!

Mama M.
My Little Life

Dawn Hild said...

I'm returning the Friday Follow favor -
Thanks for following me.
Dawn Hild