Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Last Straw

This past week has been just a bit too much for my tight schedule. Kitten had grandma & grandpa over for lunch on Thusrday, and it took most of the morning to make lunch, cupcakes, and visit. Friday's "sleepover" lasted well into Saturday. Sunday my husband had a bad headache & took the whole day to recover, AND my one of my cats got out. He's decided that living outside with the feral colony is so much more fun than being safe inside a nice warm house. Can't catch him no matter what I do.
It was my turn for a headache yesterday. A 3 hour nap in the afternoon & went to bed at 10:00pm.
I got up this morning, ready to go! I'm going to catch up with it all! Nope. During the night, my internet provider "upgraded" the system. Fun. Every time they do that, I end up on the phone for an hour, trying to fix my connection. This morning was even better. 3 1/2 hours after I turned on my computer I can finally clear my reader, answer emails, and put up at least a few things. I am, at this point, so far behind that I can't possibly catch up with the giveaways sitting starred in my reader.
So I'm not going to try. I am turning off my computer. I'm going to have a late lunch, then play with my daughter. Do a little cleaning, maybe a bit of knitting, maybe read a bit.
At some point today I may get back online. Later. Much, much later.

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Mandy said...

I hate days (weeks!) like that where you feel like you haven't gotten anything done and all kinds of frustrating things happen. I hope things are a little more back to normal soon!